Eyelid Surgery

eyelid_surgeryAre you troubled by drooping upper eyelids or bags under your eyes? Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty or an “eyelid lift,” can alleviate these signs of aging and help you to look younger. This procedure can help your eyes look more prominent and tighten sagging skin in the eye area.

Dr. Ledding has performed hundreds of successful eyelid surgeries. Every patient is unique, however, so he will spend time with you during your initial consultation and examination to discuss your options and his recommended surgical plan for you.

Who is a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

You are probably a good candidate for an eyelid lift if your upper eyelids sag and hang over the eyes to some degree, or if you have bags under your eyes. In some cases, the upper eyelid hangs down enough to inhibit vision.

This surgery can also correct a drooping lower eyelid, which may have progressed to the point that the underside of the lid has started to show.

Is Eyelid Surgery an Outpatient Procedure?

Eyelid surgery is usually performed with the patient under a local anesthetic and sedation, so it is an outpatient procedure. In some cases, general anesthesia may be necessary. You can go home the same day.

What Incisions Are Used For Eyelid Surgery?

Upper and lower blepharoplasty require different incisions. For upper eyelid surgery, an incision is made within the crease of the eyelid.

For lower eyelid surgery, the incision may be made just under the lower eyelashes or inside the lower eyelid.

What Happens During the Eyelid Surgery Procedure?

After the incision has been made, Dr. Ledding trims excess skin in order to tighten the upper eyelids or removes the excess fat under the lower lids that have caused the eye bags.

His goal is to create a tighter, more youthful appearance that also looks natural.

What Happens Immediately After Eyelid Surgery?

After some time spent in the recovery room following your surgery, you will be allowed to go home. You will need someone to drive you, however. Not only will you feel drowsy, but you will not be able to see well enough to drive.

When Can I Return to Work After Eyelid Surgery?

Most people take seven to ten days off from work and resume exercise or sports activities in three to four weeks. If your occupation is physically demanding, you may need three to four weeks off work as well.

By the time you return to work, you should also be able to resume wearing contact lenses.

What Post-Operative Symptoms Can I Expect After Eyelid Surgery?

Your recovery will include some bruising, a feeling of tightness, and pain for a couple of weeks. You can take prescription or non-prescription medications to ease you through this period. You may also experience intermittent eye dryness and excessive tearing from the eyes.

Swelling takes a bit longer to resolve, gradually improving over a period of weeks. If you sleep sitting up for a few nights, you will probably feel more comfortable and might even reduce the initial swelling.

You will see Dr. Ledding for follow-up examinations, and we will give you aftercare instructions. These will include cleaning the incisions and using a lubricant.

Are There Scars After Eyelid Surgery?

There are scars after eyelid surgery, but they are hidden within the creases of the upper lid, under the lower lashes, or on the inside of the lower lid.

Contact our office for a consultation to discuss eyelid surgery with Dr. Ledding, and enjoy a more youthful look around the eyes.