Hand Surgery

hand-surgeryIf you have problems with one or both of your hands, Dr. Ledding may be able to help with a hand surgery technique. Reconstructive surgery can be done in some cases for congenital defects or to repair traumatic injuries. Other examples of procedures include trigger finger, thumb base arthritis, Dupuytren’s Contracture, scar revision, nerve entrapments (Carpal Tunnel), ganglions, and tumors.

Dr. Ledding has performed numerous hand surgery procedures for his patients. No two patients are the same, however, so he will spend time with you during your initial consultation and examination to discuss your options and his recommended surgical plan for you.

Is Hand Surgery an Outpatient Procedure?

In most cases, hand surgery is an outpatient procedure. It can usually be performed using a local anesthetic. In some cases, however, general anesthesia may be necessary. Most patients can go home the same day, provided someone is available to drive them.

What Incisions Are Used For Hand Surgery?

Incision sites and sizes vary a great deal depending upon the issue that will be corrected in surgery. Dr. Ledding always takes care to keep incisions to a minimum and in discreet locations whenever possible.

What Happens During Hand Surgery?

Hand surgery is a highly customized procedure based on what you need. In the case of trigger finger, for example, the problem can sometimes be corrected without the need for surgery at all.

Dr. Ledding will discuss your procedure with you ahead of time so that you know what to expect.

What Happens Immediately After Hand Surgery?

Following your surgery, your incisions will be dressed with bandages. Your hand may have to be immobilized as well. In most cases, you will go home the same day with instructions for after-care and an appointment set for a couple of days later for your first follow-up exam.

Many patients will need post-operative therapy with a specialized hand therapist.

When Can I Return to Work After Hand Surgery?

Since these surgeries are individualized and depend on your specific case, the amount of time needed off work will vary. Dr. Ledding will discuss this with you prior to your surgery so that you can make plans.

What Post-Operative Symptoms Can I Expect After Hand Surgery?

In most cases, recovery will include some bruising, swelling, numbness, and pain for a period of weeks or months, depending upon the extent of the surgery.

You can take prescription or non-prescription medications to ease you through this period. You might have to wear a brace, cast, splint, or another immobilization device for a period of time.

Swelling takes a bit longer to resolve, gradually improving over a period of months. If there are sutures, they will be removed in about two weeks.

Are There Scars After Hand Surgery?

If incisions were necessary in your case, there will be scars, but Dr. Ledding will try to place them in discreet areas whenever possible. We will provide strategies for healing the scars as quickly as possible, and they will fade and flatten over time.

Contact our office for a consultation to discuss how hand surgery with Dr. Ledding can restore appearance and function to your hands.